Our Launch into the Marketplace!

We are so ecstatic here at Puppet Pals to see the positive responses and success that has taken place since the launch of our first product a few months ago. With our food puppets product line, we set out to educate children on the importance of healthy eating. Even now amidst a global epidemic our puppets are reach out virtually and in person to fulfill our mission.

We’ve received letters from child psychologists that are using our puppets to engage with children in appointments over virtual means. Speech therapists that are using puppets to make music videos and help their students with linguistics. Teachers that use puppets in their story time.

With each note we receive from our incredible clientele validates our mission and the need for educational puppets in the marketplace.

We’ve already received great feedback on our 3 new puppet designs via pre-orders.

Though right now we are a small fish in the big pond of the toy industry, we feel that we already are making an impact and will continue to make an impact with the subsequent puppets we will be releasing in the coming months.

-Puppet Pals

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