Our Process

1: Design

Each puppet begins as an idea. Our designers create concept sketches for new characters, then refine those sketches into a final design.

2: Prototyping

Our expert puppet builder and toy designer then take the approved character design and begins building prototypes. Our designers usually go through 2-4 prototypes before the final design is approved. Key elements our designers focus on when developing prototypes are: Functionality,Looks & Safety.

3: Manufacturing

Once the final prototype is approved our overseas manufacturing team begins fabricating each puppet by hand. Our puppets are not built by machines but rather expertly trained craftspeople.

4: Testing

Safety is a top priority at Puppet Pals. After manufacturing is completed, random puppet samples are sent to a safety testing lab to undergo CPSC testing to meet safety guidelines.

5: Delivery

Once testing our 3rd party testing lab has approved the batch of puppets, they are then shipped out to our US warehouse, and then delivered to you!

Custom Order

Puppet Pals welcomes custom design orders! Do you want puppets or plush toys made of your company mascot? Stand out among the crowd at a trade show? Or would you like to distribute puppets within your network? Puppet Pals takes the guess work out of design, manufacturing and delivery of toys. We’ll work with you on design, manufacturing management and distribution. We do have a minimum order requirement on all custom toy orders. Custom orders usually require a minimum order of 300-1000 pieces and take between 4-6 months from initial design to delivery. Reach out to us at design@mypuppetpals.com to begin your custom order today!